GRIRO has very spacious and well equipped factory halls and workshops where high pressure equipment and heat exchangers for the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil Refining, Power & Fertilizers and other related Industries, are manufactured.

GRIRO’s Factory Halls and Workshops

  • GRIRO Land Area: 116,400 m²
  • Total Built Areas (incl. own power station & storage tanks): 71,000 m²
  • Equipment Manufacturing Areas: 40,000 m²

A. Heavy Wall Workshop: 126.0 m x 32.5 m
B. Thin/Average Wall Workshop: 192.5 m x 30.0 m
C. Workshop: 150.0 m x 30.0 m
D. Workshop: 135.0 m x 32.0 m
E. Workshop: 135.0 m x 16.0 m
F. Workshop: 77.0 m x 16.0 m
G. And various other Workshops

GRIRO’s Clean Room

GRIRO has also a specialized “Clean Room” area, which is dedicated for processing stainless steel products and nuclear power plant equipment.