Vision & Mission

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Our tradition of over 120 years in the industry, places GRIRO among the top of process equipment manufacturers worldwide.


We value our employees

  • We encourage and reward performance
  • We insure a healthy and safe working environment
  • We train to increase performance

We respect our history and tradition

  • We apply the knowledge acquired during the past years

Our business partners are part of the team

  • We work with our business partners to achieve common targets
  • We help our business partners succeed in their goals
  • We succeed together

We care for the environment

  • We respect environmental regulations
  • We use adequate technologies


  • We will continue to develop in the business we do best, so as to remain a trusted partner for our clients, an aggressive but ethical competitor, as well as challenging and rewarding for our employees.
  • We will keep on improving our business through an investment of time and resources and we will become a standard for quality on the international market of complex High Pressure Equipment.


  • We produce and supply complex High Pressure Process Equipment for our clients in the Energy, Petrochemical and Metallurgic industries.
  • We combine the newest technologies with in-depth knowledge for the domain, knowledge acquired through more than 120 years of industrial activity.

Mr. Radu Bălan, Managing Director at GRIRO (Grivita Rosie SRL)