Our Products

GRIRO is specialized in engineering, design and fabrication of thick wall, heavy Pressure Vessels, Columns and Reactors with ASME U or U2 Stamps and CE markings as applicable, in various types of materials, as per client’s specifications and requirements.

We provide also a wide range of other high-quality custom-made equipment for the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil Refining, Power & Fertilizers and related industry.

Some of GRIRO’s Signature Projects

Heavy Steam Drum for Pulp and Paper Plant

Length » 25 metres
Diameter » 2500 mm
Weight » 255 tons

Vertical Heat Exchanger for Refinery

Length » 20.2 metres
Diameter » 2000 mm
Weight » 106 tons

4 LPG Storage Tanks (1000 m³ each)

Length » 30 metres (each)
Diameter » 7000 mm (each)
Weight » 215 tons (each)
Capacity » 1000 m3 (each)

Some of Our Products

Pressure Vessels


Heat Exchangers

Nuclear Equipment

Water-Desalination Equipment

Steam Drums – HP, IP, LP


Air-fan Coolers

Storage Tanks

Equipment Components and Parts