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GRIRO is an authorized supplier of professional training for the position of Electric Welder.

The GRIRO Welding School

A successful welder career begins with adequate training!

If you would like to become a professional welder, GRIRO will prepare and qualifies you for the ELECTRIC WELDER position, provided that you will attend the schedules and you will pass the theoretical and practical exams.

Schooling and qualification for the ELECTRIC WELDER training is undertaken by our welding school, which provides all necessary resources and logistics while performing this activity.

  • Theoretical training classes are supplied with the proper utensils and equipment for the lessons processes.
  • Theoretical training is done by our competent specialists in accordance with programs of the CNFPA (National Council for Adult Professional Training).
  • Practice training is provided in the Welding Laboratory (School), supplied with machines, equipment and performance installations for manual welding, semiautomatic welding in a protective gas environment, as well as welding with a non-fusible electrode with inert gas jet and as well at other areas of our factory.

For any classes undertaken, we provide all materials and consumables necessary for practical and theoretical training.

The duration of the course is 2 months (360 hours) out of which 120 are theoretical and 240 are for practical preparation.

The graduates of the final examination (theoretical and practical) will obtain a qualification certificate for the position of ELECTRIC WELDER, which is recognized by the Ministry of Work, Social Solidarity and Family and by the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation.

Our welding school courses have started since 2007, where in average 3 to 5 welders per year have successfully graduated and we are proud to have them as part of our professional team members at GRIRO.

Our Welding School offers:

  • Work contract with a limited duration of 2 months
  • Meal tickets
  • Accommodation on demand

After qualification and graduation we offer the possibility to work in our professional team, with a non-limited duration work agreement, in which you have the following benefits:

  • Salary based on performance
  • Meal tickets
  • Official requested overtime payment
  • Accommodation on demand
  • Career development
  • Holiday bonuses
  • Other bonuses according to goals achievement

For registration and further information please contact us at:
Phone: +40 21 224 1965
E-mail: recrutare@griro.ro

Welding School – Theoretical Training Class

Welding School – Practical Training

Welding School – Practical Training