GRIRO works together with very reliable and professional partners, which are able to handle any logistics and transportations of our equipment via road network, by train, sea vessels or by air cargo. Oversized equipment transport needs special authorisation and approvals within any road network in Romania, where GRIRO has excellent experiences and good relationships with the local authorities.

Transportation Alternatives and Distances

Local Shipping Terminals Location Region Distance km
• Road Network Calea Griviței on-site Bucharest 0 km
• Nearest Railway Freight Terminal Griviței on-site Bucharest 0 km
• Nearest Air Cargo Terminal Otopeni Airport Bucharest 16 km
• Nearest River Barge Terminal Oltenița Port Danube River 60 km
• Nearest Sea Barge Terminal Constanța Port Black Sea 250 km

Transportations via road network can be provided by professional truck companies, which will be guided and supervised by local authorities on all roads and highways throughout Romania.

Road transport throughout Continental Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia (mainland) are as well possible, however special transportation and appropriate customs permits will need to be obtained for each country passing through, including for the country of the final destination.

Transportation via railway system can be provided onsite, as GRIRO is directly connected with the Romanian railway system.

The Romanian railway system is well connected within Europe and Asia (mainland).

Transportation by river or sea vessels can be provided, either from the Oltenița Danube river port (60 km) or from the Constanta Black Sea port (250 km).

The equipment delivery to the barge terminals can be provided by truck via the local road network or by helicopter depending on the size and weight of the equipment.