GRIRO is a manufacturer of complex and high-quality process equipment for refineries, petrochemical, fertilizer and chemical, oil & gas processing, power stations and for other related industries.

Our tradition of over 120 years in the industry, places GRIRO among the top of process equipment manufacturers worldwide.

GRIRO’s History Timeline

1897 The company “Atelierele Grivița” (Central Railways Shops) was established, repairing of steam engines and wagons.
1941 Production and repairing facility for railway products and systems during the 2nd world war.
1945 During the communist regime, the company was renamed to “Grivița Roșie” and was continuing repairing steam engines and 4 axles railway wagons.
1961 The factory was modernized and enlarged by adding a process equipment manufacturing division.
1968 The company “Grivița Roșie” became an independent manufacturer of process equipment.
The first ASME authorization was obtained and the design and production of pressure vessels according to the ASME standard has been integrated.
1979 Implementation of a new workshop for manufacturing of thick-wall Reactors and tire curing presses.
1982 Implementation of first “Clean Room” dedicated to special process equipment for distinctive products.
1986 Accomplished authorisation by ASME to design and manufacture pressure vessels including “U” and “U2” stampings.
1990 After the fall of the communist regime “Grivița Roșie” was restructured and became a joint stock company with the new name “GRIRO”.
1993 GRIRO was authorized by TÜV according to AD Merkblatt HP for distributions to Germany & EU.
1995 GRIRO was certified by ISO 9001.
1998 GRIRO received authorisations by ASME for “S” stamp that opened more international markets.
2000 GRIRO obtained the “Safety Quality License” to export stationary pressure vessels to P. R. of China.
2003 GRIRO became authorized to design and manufacture boilers and pressure vessels according to PED 23/97 / EU Module H & H1.
2004 GRIRO obtained an additional license for manufacturing special equipment to the People Republic of China for pressure vessels (class A1 and A2) and boiler parts class A (Steam Drums).
2005 GRIRO was formed into a private company by international and local investors.
A 5 years investments program was implemented by introducing new generation technology equipment (i.e. welding, rolling, NDE etc.).
2007 A new facility workshop for expanding plate manufacturing was added.
2008 New investment: GRIRO begins a phase of factory modernization.
2009 GRIRO acquires a new plate rolling machine (4-roller with numerical control).
2010 New turnkey projects became operational (e.g. water treatment, renewable energy etc.).
Quality control: GRIRO invests further in quality control. Products are screened by many methods, including endoscopy, radiography (RP) X Ray and TOFD.
2011 GRIRO implements ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning).
2013 Project Management: GRIRO implemented a new project management department that greatly improves communication and customer relationship.
2015 GRIRO was authorized to design and manufacture pressure boilers and pressure vessels according to PED 2014/68 / EU Module H & H1.
2017 GRIRO has become a high-quality brand in the design and production of high pressure equipment and heat exchangers for the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, petrochemistry, oil refining, energy and other related industries.
2019 Biggest Steam Drum in the world weighting 210 tons, measuring 25 meters long with a diameter of 2.7 meters was delivered at Arauco Mill, Chile.
2021 Griro entered in the Romanian Atomic Forum-ROMATOM Association as sustaining member.

Repairing Steam Locomotives & Wagons in 1897

“Atelierele Grivița” – Factory Forge Hall 1897

“Grivița Roșie” Factory extensions in 1961

“Grivița Roșie” Office Tower, opening in 1968